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San Felice del Benaco - Culture

The San Felice parish church, which was built in the Baroque style between 1740 and 1781 and the birthplace of sculptor Angelo Zanelli, eighteenth century Palazzo Rotingo, which now houses the Town hall are certainly worth a visit. As you head out of the town you can find a capital with an ancient fresco portraying a Madonna on the throne with saints, you will then reach the sanctuary of the Madonna del Carmine, patron saint of the Valtenesi valley: it is said that it was built by the local fishermen in gratitude for the protection offered to them during the storms that raged while they were in the water. Lastly, in the town of San Felice you can visit the ruins of the castle and the former Monte della Pietà, once the Palazzo Comunale, or Town Hall, in the 17th century. In the town of Portese you can find the parish church dedicated to San Giovanni Battista, built in the 16th century, the church of San Fermo, from the 15th century and the castle which was built in the late medieval. In Cisano you can see the church dedicated to San Giovanni Battista Decollato, built in the 15th century, and Palazzo Cominelli, built Midway through the seventeenth century by the Cominelli family.

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